Catenary Curves Paneling

Personal Work

Mar. 2020

This video is a tutorial of making Catenary Curves Structure and Paneling in Rhino Grasshopper. ‘Random Reduce’ was used to make a random paneling pattern for the pavilion. Grasshopper script contains ‘Construct Point’, ‘Scale NU’, ‘Point on Curve’, ‘Loft’, ‘Divide Domain’, ‘Isotrim’, ‘Deconstruct Brep’, ‘Random Reduce’, ‘Offset’ components.

  • 인스 타 그램 - 회색 원
  • 페이스 북 - 회색 원
  • 유튜브 - 회색 원
  • 고객 센터 - 회색 원
  • 링크드 인 - 회색 원