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Hexagon Tile Wall Pattern

This video is a tutorial of making the Hexagon Tile Wall Pattern in Rhino Grasshopper. Grasshopper script contains 'Rectangle', 'Deconstruct Brep', 'Hexagon Cells', 'Sort List', 'Sub List', 'Polygon Center', 'Merge', 'Cull Pattern', 'Cull Index', 'Pull Point', 'List Item', 'Boundary Surfaces' 'Weaverbird's Tile', 'Populate Geometry', 'Mesh Explode', 'Remap Numbers', 'Minimum', 'Face Normals', 'Loft', 'Simple Mesh', 'Merge', 'Weaverbird's Catmull-Clark Subdivision', 'Weaverbird's Mesh Thicken', 'Weaverbird's Constant Quads Split Subdivision' components.

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